What’s all this about barefoot?


Ladies combat boots.

Every girl needs red heels.

For the moment at least, I have given up on wearing anything with a heel.  Basically I have given up on wearing anything that isn’t my sneakers, or my gel sole flip flops.  Well ok, I do wear my slippers from time to time, but even those are a big snug and hard to pull on right now!!! So I guess this is something I have had to give up, that I miss.  Oh boy do I miss it.  I went out for my birthday in mid July, and I wore a pair of heels.  I had to, I can’t wear palazzo pants with flats, I just can’t.  I drove to the restaurant barefoot, and drove home the same way.  I would do it again too!  Well…  I like to think I would.

Just a week or so ago I thought I would wear my favorite pair of ankle boots from last fall.  I wore these boots EVERYWHERE last year.  I could walk in them all day long.  I think the thing about them was that they have a solid rubber heel.  I never realized what kind of a difference a rubber heel would make.  I got them on just fine, they were a little snug.  I took a step though, and I about went down.  I wouldn’t be wearing these shoes again for a while…

These boots were made for shopping!

I know it’s not considered safe to wear heels while you are pregnant.  Your center of balance is all KINDS of screwy,and my balance was never great tobegin with.  It took me a while to accept this, and honestly I didn’t stop wearing my beloved darlings until was about 3 months along.  That was when they started to feel snug, and I started to notice that my normally abysmal balance was getting worse. I guess to be honest I have to say that wasn’t exactly when I completely stopped wearing heels.  I still had a couple pretty important dates ahead of me, and there was no keeping my feet in flats for them.

The bachelorette party.

My wedding was June 25th.  I was just a couple weeks shy of 5 months pregnant at that point.  I knew it would be hard, but I already had the shoes!  I had bent over backwards for months looking for the perfect wedding shoes.  I knew that I would need at least two pairs.  One pair for the wedding itself, and one for the

The Wedding.

rehearsal dinner.  By the time I found out that I was pregnant I already had both of those pairs purchased,

plus one more pair.  I decides to get a pair of pink glittery Toms shoes to wear to my reception.  I thought it would be cute.  Well, when i found out I was pregnant my reception shoes, and their 5 inch heel, were an absolute bust.  I would NEVER consider returning them however.  Luckily my cousin and maid of honor wanted to do a little theme for my bachelorette party.  Jeans, cute tops, and the fanciest shoes we own!  I figured 5 inch heels would be safe, especially with me not drinking, and my pink bordellos got to be worn.

The day of the wedding my shoes were tolerable.  My actual wedding shoes just had one strap over the toe, and a 1 3/4 inch heel.  Easy peasy.  I made it through the ceremony and all that without having to take my shoes off, I was so proud.  As soon as we got back to the house I kicked those puppies off (and gently placed them back in their tissue paper lined box) and went for the Toms.  Egads, they wouldn’t go on!  My instep was too swollen!  I wore them long enough to get a few pictures, and then switched them out for my flip flops.  I regretted it the next day, but I was able to dance all night!  That brings me to the jewel of my collection.

A mile in Paris's shoes...

Because the pink bordellos were not usable for my rehearsal dinner I had to find something else.  I had had my eye on a pair of Paris Hilton heels that absolutely nobody could keep in stock.  I thought that her signature bright pink sole would be an affordable replacement to Louboutin’s signature red one.  Everybody that saw these shoes instantly fell in love with them.  When I received them I was already almost 4 months pregnant, and my feet were definitely showing it.  These however, unlike many of my shoes, are real leather.  Which means they stretch.  I spent many house laying on my couch with my feet kicked up sporting jams and these shoes.  By the time the rehearsal rolled around there were tolerable.  They were tight, but they were tolerable.  I made it through the rehearsal and dinner without incident.  I did have to hold onto Hubby Bunny walking across the ceramic tile to my table, but that is acceptable.

The old...

and the new!

My wedding was three months ago now, I have not worn heels since.  I bought a pair.  I love ankle boots in the fall, and when a pair shows up on the Kohl’s rack in the middle of summer,marked down, and in my size, I have to have it.  Even if they do look an awful lot like last year’s…  Well, they are the same color any way.  Last year’s pair has almost a 5 inch heel, and a very narrow elegant heel.  The ones I just bought, and won’t get to wear until next fall, are more of the every day hiking boot look alike I wear, well used to wear, all the time.

I miss my shoes, when it comes to lifestyle changes for baby, this is a big one.  We’ll have to see, but I know this isn’t a permanent change.  I’m not crying though, I am buying baby shoes!!!  My very first purchase for this baby was a pair of pink fuzzy shoes.  I didn’t even plan it out that way.  It wasn’t as though I walked into the baby section that day thinking I would pick up some baby shoes.  They happened to be on an end cap display, and they grabbed me by the elbow and demanded to go home with me.  This has happened to me a number of times by a number of pairs of shoes.  It didn’t frighten me, I calmly placed the tiny shoes in my cart, and home with me they went.  Honestly, I think i am ok with baby shoe shopping being more regular than Mommy shoe shopping, those pink fuzzies were only 5 bucks!  In the meantime I will stick to my sneakers and flip flops.  Now that you’re pregnant, what do you miss that used to be part of your day to day life?

Comfort rules!


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