Monthly Archives: February 2014

What the food?!


Food and I don’t along, we never have. Food is an ass hole. Everything tastes better than skinny feels. I know it, you know it, it’s true. That is why food is an ass hole. I want to change this relationship. Food isn’t really my friend, but it also isn’t my enemy. Food just needs to be put in it’s place, like the ass hole it is. I’m the boss, learn to live with it, food!

I decided I want to take control of this relationship. I’m tried of feeling gross because I things that don’t love me as much as I love them. I’m over the chronic headaches that are certainly a combination of junky food and too little water. I’m sick of not having any motivation or inspiration in my life, and mostly I am sick of being miserable all the time.

In the advice of a friend I picked up the book Food Starts Here on Amazon. It arrived today and I am already digging into it. It sounds like a challenging exercise. One that will seriously work out my will power. My hope is that by following the advice in this book and other sources I will share along the way, I will be able to identify the things that make me feel like junk and the things that make me feel great.

This is going to be really hard, I know that. My hope is that by detailing my efforts here, even if nobody reads this, I will feel obligated to someone other than myself. It’s much easier to follow through when someone is counting on you finishing. I’ll take the next couple of weeks to read through this book, maybe talk to some experts, and after Valentine’s Day my journey will start. I’ll update here at least every Saturday, but hopefully more often. There is only so much a person with a crazy toddler can do!

Wish me luck!