Welcome to my Mommy Blog!  My name is Lindsay, my husband, who shall be referred to as Hubby Bunny is Sean.  He is absolutely the best husband I ever could have hoped for.  We were married in a civil ceremony in a courthouse in Kentucky on June 25, 2010, but our formal wedding was one our one year anniversary.  Sean was in the Army when we got married, and it was just easier that way.

In early March of 2011 we were preparing to move into our house, painting and what not, and I started to think that I could maybe possibly be pregnant.  I kept it to myself for about a week, just to see how things went.  I figured I was wrong.  Not only were we not trying, we were trying not to!  Eventually I told him about my concerns and he insisted we stop and get a test and I check it out that day.  Sure enough ‘Pregnant’ showed up on the little digital screen.  The timing was ALL off, but we were still both thrilled.  We’re expecting our little princess around December 6, 2011.

In December of 2010 we had lost a pregnancy.  We found out at 10 weeks that there was noheartbeat and the baby hadn’t developed past 6 weeks.  Needless to say we were very cautious this second time around.  We kept her a secret from just about everybody until we got to see her in an ultrasound.  We had one done at a local clinic and she measured 10 weeks to the day!  Everything has been smooth sailing since then.

In mid July we found out that she was a girl!  I had somehow known all along…  Also, she is very healthy.  Every blood test and ultrasound measurement has come back looking great.  I can’t wait to meet her.

We also share our home with two furry brats.  We have a small terrier mix named Sparki.  That’s short for The Sparkinator, because he is 13 pounds of badassedness!  There is also this cat…  He is a rather obnoxious cat, and talks WAY too much.  His name is Edi, short for Edipuss.  When I named him he was quite the mama’s boy, not so much any more.  At any given moment you will find this cat curled up on Sean, and if he is on the couch it’s likely that the dog is on him as well.

I’m not sure where this blog will take me, but hopefully it will be a fun ride.  I am beyond excited to be a first time parent, and so is my wonderful husband.  I hope our little girl doesn’t resent me making this about her, although at some point she probably will, but it’s bound to be something right?  I’m a girl, I know how this mother daughter thing works!!


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